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BP Oil Rotary Strainer

Mechanical overhaul and coating of rotary strainer including the casting in of the seal lands.


Client : BP Oil Ltd

Location: Coryton Refinery
Work undertaken: Mechanical overhaul and lining of strainer including coating repair to drive shaft

BP Strainer

Repair Protection & Maintenance Ltd undertook the mechanical repair and coating of a strainer for BP Oil (UK) Ltd. Weighing in at ten tons, the SP Kinney 24" nb Model A Strainer belonged to BP’s Coryton Refinery and was becoming increasingly inefficient due to erosion / corrosion damage of the seal faces.

There was also water escaping from the drive shaft gland packing which would require investigation. The strainer’s tapered drum was manufactured from a corrosion resistant material and would not require coating however there was severe erosion of the drum surface, particularly on the bottom wear ring land where up to 15 mm of material had disappeared.

The strainer was split into two sections, the strainer body and the drum / lid assembly then shipped to our workshop in Yorkshire. The gear box was stripped down and removed to allow the removal of the lid and release the stainless steel drive shaft. Severe wear to the shaft in way of the gland packing, the root cause of cause of the leakage, was repaired by cutting back the worn area and rebuilding using a self lubricating repair compound.

BP Strainer

The repair was then post machined back to the original dimensions. The worn areas on the drum were grit blasted and built up using a GRP Laminate system prior to the whole surface of the drum being skimmed to reclaim the correct taper. Rebates were ground in the strainer body main inlet / outlet flange faces and the body and lid grit blasted. This was followed by high pressure water washing / blasting cycle to remove soluble salts prior to coating the body and underside of the lid with Archco-Rigidon’s Rigspray, a glass flake reinforced polyester resin coating. The drum / lid assembly was rebuilt and used as a former to cast in the wear ring lands and tapered scraper faces of the strainer body. The finished strainer was returned to Coryton in the same two pieces ready for final assembly and installation. The whole refurbishment process was completed within thirty days.


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