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Nu Tank


The water tanks in many buildings are located in areas with such limited access that when they corrode or start to leak they cannot be easily removed or replaced without major expenditure. The alternative to carrying out a repair in-situ inevitably involves grit blasting or mechanical scabbling, which is very noisy can only be done if the building is closed whilst the work is carried out.

Nu-Tank, a series of interlocking layers accumulating to form a strong lining, has been specially designed to overcome all of these problems and at the same time achieve a long term solution which will meet all current health requirements. Because Nu-Tank is a self-supporting lining it only needs the existing tank to act as a mould whilst the Nu Tank is being installed. Consequently, minimal surface preparation is required – simply dry the tank, remove loose scale and debris and apply a rust converting primer.

Before the application of the final coat, the lining is tested for continuity using a 30,000 volt spark tester. Any defects are repaired and the lining is tested again. Following this the final coat is applied. This is a special reinforced glass flake filled resin which ensures maximum resistance to permeation and allows us to confidently give a fifteen year guarantee.

Nu-Tank is the result of a programme of research and development by the RPM Group to identify the needs of industry and local authorities and to produce a long term, cost effective answer to the problem.

Suitable for sectional, concrete and galvanised tanks.


  • In-house or on-site application
  • Steel or concrete substrates
  • Fast response by skilled, committed experts

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