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The power stations dotted around our coast line may benefit from the abundant supply of seawater for their main and auxiliary cooling systems, but there is a price to pay. Seawater is a very corrosive medium and without adequate protection the various components, such as pump casings, valve bodies, strainers, water boxes and pipework which make up the system can quickly become unserviceable through corrosion. Whether made from cast iron or steel these components are subjected to erosion / corrosion caused by a combination of the silt contained in the seawater and the velocity of the flow.

The coatings which have proved most successful in coping with this severe environment are the glass flake filled polyester / vinyl ester systems. These coatings have a proven track record for providing long term corrosion protection and can be used to reclaim badly pitted and graphitised castings. The service life of these coatings can be in excess of fifteen years


  • In-house or on-site application
  • Steel or concrete substrates
  • Fast response by skilled, committed experts

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